Friday, 22 October 2010

Magnolia Square - Friends

Well, I am 2 days into the Magnolia Square markets and I thought rather than share with you how our Odds&ends are going (which I will do...but I will give you the full run down after tomorrows last day) I would quickly mention some of the other lovely stall holders and their inspiring work.

The brainy and friendly folk behind these labels have been great fun to chat with, drool over there lovely products and to share the odd crafty tale.

Bride & Wolf - Amazing bent wood shadow boxes! ...thank you Miranda for the lift home :) you are a star!

Chicken Foot Designs - Fabulous Linen Tea Towels and beautiful stationary. Designed by Helena Harry, a delight to have shared the stall across the way at Mag Square. 

Mattt - With 2 of my cactus now happily joining his abode, I have a shared admiration for his range of bags and textiles. Practical and beautiful, my favorite would have to be the digital prints of Cuisenaire (wooden counting blocks) an absolute visual treat of colour!

Mattts lovely studio and store, which my cactus will hopefully soon be a part of.

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Kitty said...

Hi Andrea,
It was lovely to meet you on Saturday at Magnolia Square. Thanks so much for the chat.
I hope you were able to go home & have your nap at the end of the day too.
Have a great week