Thursday, 28 June 2012

Stella Kids.

There are so many babies around us at the moment, it is such an exciting time for our friends. How cute are these pieces by Stella McCartney Kids! 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Stairways to my heart

Is it just me or are these stairs not the greatest things ever!

picked from Poppy Talks Pinterest Page - a world of pretty.

Finders Keepers - Winter Picks

I was chuffed to be part of this months Finders Keepers blog's review for all things warm and wintery! There were some really nice picks from other crafty folk such as Beattie Lancer, &Company and Jinny&June. Rug up and enjoy! A xx

My TOP 6 picks...

1. Wrist Worms by Sandra Juto
2. Knitted vase cozy by Bayleafstudio
3. Knits yellow accent chair by Knitsforlife
4. Patchwork sweater violet by Primoeza
5. Knitted beanies by All for everyone
6. Vintage potted knitted cacti by Odds&endS