Tuesday, 29 May 2007


I must admit, i do love knitting. A few years ago it was common practice to see trendies all over the world whipping out their needles in cafes and bars. I must admit, portability of the craft is a positive - I can't realistically see myself at a bar with the singer machine buzzing away next to me. But my interest in the craft goes beyond fashion or trend. I find knitting to be a medium that has limitless possibilities. A few weeks ago it was knit one purl one, but when you have no prior learnings good things can come from experimentation. I think there is something to come from that, sometimes its good to unlearn, or let go, so you can experience something formally known in a new way.

Big New Treats!

I have just treated myself to a swish new camera, big purchases are few and far between when your a poor student. However, money, who needs money when you capture moments like these.........

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

I have no image to post today, just a brief message - Remember to notice those who are dear to you. It is so very easy to overlook the ones who are closest. You could hug your friend, tell you mum that you love her, smile at a stranger, give your kitten a few extra kibbles, offer a helping hand......

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Supermodern experiments

As part of my fashion design studies i have been playing with the idea of clothing as communication.....literally what if your jumper could speak?? Within the supermodern context (see my first post) I believe we need to promote human interaction, we very rarely connect with the people in our surroundings and from this a very isolated feeling is experienced. I propose clothing designs that bridge this gap, garmentsthat identify with others. This experimental jumper will have a small speaker in the neck/collar that whispers recorded messages from your ipod.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Ollie helps me get crafty.

Ollie - a very special kitten who likes to help me sew.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Here comes winter

Here in Melbourne it is starting to turn cold....I much prefer the winter months.
I'm trying to get Ben (my man) to wear this wonderful head attire.
No such luck.