Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Who are you Mrs Crafty?

 I recently found the most amazing collection of craft books and pamphlets in a small country op shop. The prize find was a beautiful set of 3 sketch book folios. There was no name, no date, no record of who the owner was. I wish I knew who took such time and care in collating these craft projects and documenting what looks to span 20 years of newspaper and magazine clippings. I wonder what she looked like, did she make any of these items, how old was she, where was she from? I imagine she was a lady of style with  her obvious love of bags an accessories, check out the adorable jewelery and hat designs that she's documented. She must have been a homemaker, with an interest in furnishings and textiles, and possibly a mother shown by her clippings of how to make children's toys and furniture.

   To some people these journals might look like simple scrap books, but to me it's a valuable time capsule of this persons love for craft, I am so thankful that it has made it's way into my hands where I hope to continue it's purpose  of inspiring me to keep on making!

Some of the other Craft Books found at the same op shop...I wonder were any of these hers also?

I am tempted to give this one a go!

1950's Drawn Fabric design brochure, modern, classic styling, I love it all!

Macrame Anyone? Check out that cupboard / wine rack.
Circa 1940 rug designs, I love this glamorous interiors shot displaying the woven rug and seat cushion pattern.

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Anonymous said...

amazing find Andrea, very jealous xxx