Sunday, 8 January 2012

Piece By Piece by Renee Broders.

There was no disguising the delight of budding artist Jacob Rudman-Reeves (left) when the mosaic Piece By Piece was formally unveiled in Warrnambool. Creative director of the project, Renee Broders, fellow artist Michael Hilder and member for South West Coast Denis Napthine shared his joy.

I am so proud of my big sister Renee, she is such a wonderful person, she is truly one of the most talented people I know. In November she unveiled the most amazing public art project titled, Piece by Piece. The massive mosaic was unveiled in the CBD of Warrnambool. It not only shows Renee's creative talents, but her beautiful ability to inspire and encourage others. As the creative director, Renee's vision was to create a  project that empowered people with disabilities, she guided over 100 participants, spending endless hours working together to achieve an amanzing result. I am so proud of her achievement, I think the people of Warrnambool are too......

It's beautiful - I really, really love it. So great that it has those 'local' elements like the FJ water tower and tower hill, etc. Please.... more public art that is produced by our own local artists? Congratulations and well done to all of you who have been involved in this wonderful community arts project.
Posted by je, 21/11/2011 9:23:14 AM, on The Warrnambool Standard

Now that's public art! Beautiful work!
Posted by jennifer, 21/11/2011 1:09:42 PM, on The Warrnambool Standard
 Mural looks beautiful, congratulations to all artists and project participants. I am very proud to see this in my town.Posted by BB, 21/11/2011 11:56:51 PM, on The Warrnambool Standard

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Kylie said...

This is awesome and I love that pic. Delightful.